ComfortBaby ® Baby book - Bug in the forest

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A slightly innovative baby book

The 'Bug in the forest' baby book provides the baby with an interesting and beautiful playbook. It is entirely made of fabric and includes eight different soft and colourful pages. A motif of fabric is embroidered on each page. The baby book has been made of many different fabrics so that the baby can get different impressions from viewing the book. It will learn which fabric is soft and which is rough, which one feels good and which one it will less like to touch. Since the book is so beautifully soft, the baby can even place its head on it when it has grown tired from viewing. Its fabrics also allow the book to be cleaned and it is not damaged when the baby spills it. This book may become your baby's favorite toy and an ever-present companion for playing.

A learning book that does not demand too much

Often a baby book is loaded with many colourful pictures. The viewing child is overloaded with impressions and quickly overwhelmed. But the 'Bug in the forest' learning book is perfectly adapted to the age of 3 months and up. The pictures are not too many-coloured and there is only one motif on each page. This allows the baby to focus on each image separately when playing with the playbook. It also helps recognize colours and objects faster, providing for a huge step forward in the baby's development.

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