Bassinets - the comfort zone for babies

A bassinet provides an adaptable and mobile comfort zone for your baby. With ease you will have your little sunshine close to you any time. At night, a mobile bassinet can be placed next to the parents' bed. Beneath a light canopy, the baby is protected against bright light and draught. The covering around the bedspreads creates a sheltered space in which your baby can sleep well and undisturbed. This kind of bassinet is also pleasant to look at from the outside. Our bassinet, consisting of a wicker basket on a beautiful frame of solid wood and decorative castors, is outside as pretty and delicate as inside.

Stable, tilt-proof - the comfortable bassinet

Our comfortable bassinets are controlled and certified for compliance with EN 1130-1 and EN 1130-2, the safety standards for children furniture. Our bassinets are of course non-tilting and have very high stability and longevity. Younger siblings coming later may lie as comfortably inside as your first child. On the outside, this bassinet with its beautiful basket resembles a cot. Gently moving it backwards and forwards soothes the baby as it falls asleep, like the rocking of a cradle would. Of course, the castors have a sound-absorbing rubber coating to ensure that your floor is not damaged. Thanks to the large, light-weight castors, the bassinet is easy-going even on thick carpets. Thresholds or a step in the room do not pose obstacles, either.

Buy fully equipped bassinets online

Our beautiful bassinet XXL with complete accessories is easy to order online. The basic equipment of our bassinet includes items like:

  • The covering and upholstery for the bassinet frame
  • The canopy, either for flapping or with rod and voile fabric
  • High-quality foam mattress with cover
  • Pillow and blanket, 35 x 40 and 80 x 80 cm long and wide

You can select a bassinet version with either white or brown basket. As for the fabrics of the covering and canopy, beautiful colours are at your choice.

Best certified quality