Sleep well from early on

If you want your children to sleep well from the very beginning, you should not save as you choose a solid cot. The choice of cots, slatted frames and mattresses is vast, but if you appreciate high quality, you and your children will enjoy them for a longer time. If the children are old enough, they should be involved in buying their cot. The choice of cots may be subjected to various criteria. Issues that affect the choice of a cot include:

  • How old is the child?
  • What conditions are available for the cots?
  • Which financial resources are available?

A cot to be used as long as possible should meet the requirements of both parents and children.

A large selection of cots

We keep a large selection and various offers for cots ready that you can compare online. Take time to examine all our cots and buy the best one online. Our choice of beds for children is vast. For example, cots are 140 cm long and 70 cm wide. Their surface, therefore, is large enough not only to host tiny children but also to provide still enough space after its conversion into a junior bed. If the children have grown enough for their next bed, the decision is often a lot harder to make. You can choose from a vast selection of beds, low loft beds, high loft beds and bunk beds. Children prefer beds that are extravagant or noticeable, therefore our beds are available in different designs and styles. It is up to you whether the bunk bed shall come with a slide, for example, or how it should be painted or whether it should be varnished in neutral white.

Make your right choice in a multitude of cots

With cots, you should first of all make sure that it has no corners or edges at which a child can hurt itself. Solid wood is most stable and therefore very suitable for cots. If you opt for a coloured bed, you should make sure before purchasing that all paints and varnishes are environmentally compatible and non-toxic for children. In addition to a large selection of children beds available, you can also purchase mattresses and slatted frames. The slatted frame for the new cot should ideally be adjustable in height and maybe also in degree of hardness. The mattress should be selected according to the sleeping habits of your child.

Of course, we are ready to answer questions on cots, other articles and shipment.

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