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Bedside cot Prime by ComfortBaby

A baby feels safest when it is very close to its parents. The ComfortBaby bedside cot Prime helps parents get a restful sleep in a cosy atmosphere, together with their baby. The bedside cot Prime provides the safety that the little one needs for falling asleep relaxed. Mummy and daddy lie close-by and can respond immediately if the little one does not feel well. This is a huge relief for the child and its parents. The nights develop much more restful that way.

Bedside cot Prime excels with high-quality processing .

The bedside cot Prime is made of solid natural black alder wood. Only high-quality solid wood has been used but no wooden substitute, no plywood and no cheap pine. Longevity and quality are ComfortBaby's prime directive. The bedside cot Prime is provided with duckboards adjustable at 2 levels. This cot does not only grow with the child's size but can also easily be adapted to parental beds of different height. It is provided with rounded edges and the rungs at the sides are in safe distance from each other. The rounded form is harmonious and supports the impression of a comfortable nest.

The cot has been made in a natural and ecological, responsible production process. Real wood breathes and provides for a natural humidity balance. The materials are safe for man and nature. The bedside cot Prime is stable, high-quality and solidly processed. Beside a perfectly smooth and easy-care surface, the bedside cot appeals by a special side plate that can be lowered to any level. Practical castors for easy mobility are as well available, of course. The cot is compliant with European safety standards and free of noxious materials. The cot is available in 10 colours matching our convenient dressing table. The manufacturer warrants a 2-year guarantee with one month of right to return.

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