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ComfortBaby changing unit

Matching the functional ComfortBaby co-sleeper cots, there are most attractive and handy changing units from this series. A baby changing unit is indispensable furniture for young parents. The changing table installed at an ergonomic height much facilitates baby care. The ComfortBaby changing unit with table should belong to the basic equipment of any children’s room, both for changing diapers and for putting them on. However, such a unit provides even more convenience than that. All important baby items and necessary clothing can be handily stored inside. Thanks to the easy-to-move and roller-mounted drawers, all utensils are ready for use at any time. If you have already installed a ComfortBaby bedside cot in your bedroom, you will note that these units are their perfect visual complement.

A matter of processing

The ComfortBaby changing units are supplied in a modern and solid design. These units are made of baby-friendly materials, solid wood being the best choice. They are designed with care and protect the new generation reliably during the first important years of their life. A ComfortBaby changing unit can be easily installed with just a few manual steps. All components and accessories are included. The assembly instructions are completed within a few minutes.

Other features of the ComfortBaby changing unit

A changing unit should, of course, be large enough to house all kinds of baby utensils. The basis is a 94 x 80 x 45 cm (L x W x H) large unit on which a 77 x 68 x 11 cm (L x W x H) sized changing table is mounted. It is a benefit that the changing table can be folded away when not in use. Once the toddler does not need the changing table any more, it can be completely removed. The changing unit is modified into a common chest of drawers that way for keeping clothing and accessories. Add to that its smooth and clean surface. The four spacious drawers are equipped with an easy-to-move roller rail. This furniture is available in many attractive wood colours as well as colour combinations.

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