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Coco mattresses - beneficial for a healthy sleep

The choice of baby mattresses is vast, although basically it can be divided into the types coco, latex and foam. Each material has its individual benefits but currently favoured are coco mattresses. They excel with firm and elastic support, venting and good heat storage. Since babies sleep for more than half a 24-hour day on average, a mattress is of paramount importance. A good night's sleep is the best thing for a satisfied child!

Important criteria when buying mattresses

Basically, when purchasing a mattress, you should pay attention to various criteria that take the health of your child into account. They include

  • Ecological safety,
  • Materials tested for harmful substances,
  • Covers without brighteners and
  • Covers clinically tested for body and skin compatibility.

The ComfortBaby coco mattress is made in three layers. In the middle is coco, above you find high-quality polyurethane foam VP 1832, soft, below is a high-quality polyurethane foam VP 25, hard. The corresponding quilted cover is made of pure cotton and easy to remove.

Only the best for the baby

A baby brings joy and happiness into your life. The first smile on its face when it sees mother or father triggers overflowing feelings. Every minute development is registered with enthusiasm. There is no doubt that parents want only the best for their child. A relaxing sleep provides for a rested baby. A flexible yet sturdy coco mattress contributes to a child's comfort during its resting periods.

Varied sizes and shapes

The ComfortBaby coco mattress is available in various shapes and sizes. The baby does not have to forgo its comfort that way, no matter what kind of cot you choose. The following mattresses (width x length x height) are available for the ComfortBaby cot:

  • Round - 75 x 78 x 12 cm
  • Oval - 75 x 128 x 12 cm
  • Square - 60 x 120 x 12 cm


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