Cots: so that your baby sleeps healthily and restfully

Choosing the right cot is essential for your baby to sleep fine and restful. We provide a huge variety of high-quality cots so that you will surely find a suitable cot for your baby.

7 in 1 baby bed


Various options for the first few months of life

Most babies sleep in the parental bedroom during their first year. Not in mummy‘s and daddy‘s bed, that is, but in their own cot. While you may resort to a bedside cot or a cradle during the first few months of your baby‘s life, you should upgrade to a proper cot after some time. You have the following options available for providing your child with relaxing sleep:

  • Bedside cots
  • Cradles
  • Standard cots

Latest, however, when the cradle or bedside cot is growing too small, be sure to convert to a cot. Bedside cots and proper cots are available in different varieties, like including head protection and canopy rods. Of course we also provide our cots in different styles. For example, you can opt for a classic white cot as well as for a model with wooden inserts.

Reusable cots: comfortable and convenient

Ideally, you should choose a version from among the cots that is convertible and equipped with an adjustable slatted frame. The mattress in these cots is raised at first so that you can lift your child out without having to bend low. Once your baby tries to rise, you may easily convert the cot into a junior bed by placing the frame lower. This way there is no risk of falling out. A cot with removable rods is also very useful. Such a cot allows you to remove only the rods in the middle or even the complete grid. That is how the cot adapts: it becomes a normal children bed. Its size supports that interpretation because, at a length of 140 centimetres and a width that is almost equal to that of a normal bed, such models can still be used even when your child is older.

An ideal solution for travelling: a travel cot

Though it is important for your baby's health that you use a real cot at home, a travel cot is recommended for journeys. It ensures that your baby will feel and sleep well when you are on a holiday trip or visiting the grandparents and staying overnight.

Buying cots online: a vast selection, saving options and fast shipping

If you buy cots online at our online shop, you will not only benefit from a vast selection but also from reasonable prices. This way you will be able to purchase high-quality cots and yet save money. We also provide for fast shipping and delivery so you can expect the cot you have ordered to arrive as soon as possible.

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