Rocking the baby into sleep - cradles

Cradles are among the oldest traditional cots. They can be found in all cultures. A cloth or a basket hung somewhere may serve, or a cot is made of wood and other materials. The cradle provides the baby with the familiar rocking feeling that it is still familiar with from the months before birth. Therefore, babies can be best calmed for peaceful sleeping in a rocking cradle. We have a special offer: an accessory cradle that you can use with our Smart Grow cots.

Cradles as accessories

Our ComfortBaby Swing Pendulum 2-in-1 cot has a patented system for the rocking function. You can switch the rocking function on and off as desired. Our cots, originally round, are turned into a rocking cot by purchasing a Pendulum 2-in-1.

Your advantages:

  • very flexible cots that grow with the needs of your child
  • convert into a cradle with the ComfortBaby Swing Pendulum 2-in-1

High quality products made of solid wood

Our cots, whether round or oval, are converted into cradles by our Pendulum. The versatile convertible cots are made of solid high-quality beech wood. You can order our cots incl. mattress painted in walnut, white or beech nature. The wood is ecologically treated and baby-friendly with saliva-resistant glaze or varnish. The varnish is certified for compliance with EN 71-3. As for the interior of the cradles, you may choose between many delicate colours:

  • Pink
  • Light Blue
  • White
  • Light green
  • Light violet

If you already have a bedding or other equipment, you can also buy cots without a bed set at a very reasonable price.

The bed becomes a cradle

Our ComfortBaby Pendulum 2-in-1 has a rocking mechanism that has been specially developed by us so that the Comfort Baby SmartGrow cot may be easily converted into a cradle. It works for both the large and the small variety of the cot. This will lovingly support your child in falling easily into sleep. Babies like to be gently moved and rocked, and with our Comfort Baby-Pendulum 2-in-1 you can do that easily.

One purchase - many options for your baby's well-being

ComfortBaby offers you the unique chance to order the shipping of a beautiful cradle along with a complete cot and children bed including further conversion for older children. You do not need to purchase a special rocking cradle, a playpen, a bed, a sofa or a table with two chairs for children. This is not only a favourable price. You also avoid having to store cots and beds for later siblings or resell baby furniture for a lower rate. Our cots and beds are very stable and of excellent quality. They survive conversions for many years unscathed.

Best certified quality