FourSeasonsDream – Dreamlike items for every season

FourSeasonsDream includes the Winter Baby, Spring Baby, Summer Baby and Autumn Baby collections. In winter, your baby watches soft snowflakes, stars, clouds and winter colours like blue and white emphasised with bright spots of yellow, orange or red. Spring comes with tender green and other happy colours that makes the sleeping room verdant and blossoming all over. Summer welcomes your baby with amusing seafaring motives and, in a second summer collection, with bright summer colours, fruits, funny owls in a green tree and more. The Autumn Baby collection is also full of surprises. Then little hedgehogs come for a visit, coloured leaves float above and all the warm and bright autumn colours illuminate the baby‘s domain. Thus the whole colourful year with its varying seasons is not restricted to the outside. Every season also takes place in the children's room. You can underline the changing seasons with pictures and matching ditties.

The baby‘s first year – a miraculous coloured world

All babies enjoy to discover and to learn. New colours, forms and sounds spellbind your little treasure. Every day, and every season, means new pathways for your child. Prepare a colourful kaleidoscope of new discoveries and joys for marvelling and experiencing with the FourSeasonsDream collections. You will also take a lot of pleasure in redecorating your baby‘s domain with the change of seasons. At ComfortBaby’s, you will find all products for the new collections in our usual high quality, of course. Materials suitable for children, soft to the skin, without harmful substances, ecological and not health-impairing – we adhere to these principles in our FourSeasonsDream programme as well. Everything textile is easy and simple to wash, of course. Other products for seasonal redecoration are as easy-care and hygienically to clean as you know it from ComfortBaby. We prefer high-class processing of our new and pretty collections as well, as much as the high level of our materials.

Best certified quality