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Felt – perfect for decorative frames in the children's room

The fact that adults and children usually have a completely different taste when it comes to decoration is well-known. Photo-frames are home accessories made for adults. At the very least, this applies to all the dull, glassed ‘standard’ frames. But what are parents supposed to do to give their children a picture frame that is as suitable for them as possible? A felt picture frame is the perfect choice because it does not only look gorgeous but also fulfils important requirements: none of its parts could cause injury, the natural product is free of harmful substances (compliant with the Ko-Tex standard 100, applicable in Germany) and easy to handle. An additional benefit is that the photo frame is almost non-inflammable - a typical property of felt. These criteria speak for the felt picture frame as the most suitable decoration for youngest children.

Funny and high-quality - The Tiger felt photo frame

Children can insert their favorite picture in this photo frame. Since it is held by a colourful tiger, it is certain that every visitor will look at the photo at once: Surrounded by orange fur with black markings, the picture is definitely best emphasized. A photo sized 8 x 5 centimetres can be placed in the mouth of the tiger. The felt is very durable and does not wrinkle, the frame even withstands rough handling by children hands. Stains also occur quite frequently in children's rooms, not only on the carpet but also on furniture and decorations. It doesn’t matter if the felt frame is hit: many kinds of soiling can be just brushed out of felt. When stains are more resistant, diluted vinegar and a cloth for cleaning will do the job. In any case, young people will enjoy this frame for a long time.


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