Dreamlike mobile for the baby

A pretty baby mobile is often the first toys that the baby gets to know. Hence, mobiles also belong to the ComfortBaby‘s equipment for the cot, bassinet, cradle or co-sleeper cot. The mobile is meant for watching and wondering. Many different pretty things can be hung up on it. When the baby grows, it will want to move the mobile on its own and reach for it. ComfortBaby has developed different really nice mobiles for your baby. Many of the mobiles belong to the exclusive FourSeasonsDream collections in four seasons look.

Many babies watch their pretty mobile at the cot and slip into sleep with the flutter of its small figures. Hence, the baby mobile should be pretty like a dream. Different shapes and colours at the mobile stimulate the baby. With a mobile by ComfortBaby you give toys even to the smallest baby that it can enjoy. You may get many different versions of our mobiles for babies here. There is, for example, a mobile for every season. Then stars and snowflakes, birds in tender colours, ripened fruits or clouds, birds and sailing ships move about above the cradle.

Soft and featherweight – baby mobile in the best quality

The baby mobile of ComfortBaby has no hard or rough edges, nothing at which the baby might hurt itself when it reaches out for the figures at their thin threads. All pendants for the different mobiles are made out of soft materials. The materials are colourfast and completely without harmful substances. The thin suspensions are so firm that your baby cannot tear the figures off. A safe and pretty first toy.

Best certified quality