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Tender birds fly around the cot

Feathery, tender birds, large and small hearts dance and turn over your baby’s cot. ‘Chirping in the Forest’ is the name of this wonderful mobile for babies. Just attach the light birds and hearts to the top of a canopy rod over the cot, above the cradle or at the cover or deck of the bassinet. In any light draught, when the baby is rising in bed, when you move the canopy or roll the bed or the bassinet along, the cute mobile begins to easily swing. All babies have fun.

The Chirping in the Forest mobile - for watching and marvelling

Soft, delicate colours have been selected for the baby mobile. The small birds and hearts alternate in light grey and delicate bright red. The pretty mobile also stimulates your baby to watch the movements of the figures above its cot and to pursue their easy dance. Just set the mobile in motion with a light touch of your finger. Even smallest babies are quickly encouraged to observe the swinging flight of birds. When the baby is getting tired, watching the hearts and birds at their thin ribbons will soothe it and make sure that your little guy will fall asleep in peace. This decorative mobile is made of soft, health-compatible ecological material. It is therefore also completely safe if your baby grabs for the mobile when it is old enough to sit upright. There is nothing hard and edgy, there is no danger of injury. Give your baby a first beautiful toy for viewing and marvelling. Conjure a merry laughter and contented chatter on your baby’s face every day when it watches the little birds turning over his bed.

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