Nursing pillows: More cosiness before and after birth

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The nursing pillow by ComfortBaby

It is the most powerful desire of every mother to have a relaxed time with her child. Nursing pillows by ComfortBaby help perceive the intimate moments of breastfeeding every day as something truly special.

Pregnancy is hard work for the body, because the phases of rest become briefer, especially in the last few months. Our nursing pillows are reliable companions for the future mother during this exciting period as well, whether to support or to comfort her. Being 190 centimetres long, they are perfect for relaxing, especially when you are sleeping on your side. And they are so light that you can take them everywhere to make your favorite place comfortable.


Enjoy the joy of maternity with your nursing pillow

After birth, the ComfortBaby nursing pillows adapt easily to growing demands and support mother and child in any sitting or lying position. They relieve the mother holding the child and support the drinking baby. Nursing pillows protect the mother against twisting and prevent later joint or neck pain.

The soft pillows by ComfortBaby adapt to the shape of the body owing to their soft filling with microbeads. They store the body's heat and support a more relaxed breastfeed. This is why they strengthen the bond between mother and child in these important first months. Experienced midwives agree with us.


Nursing pillows are absolutely indispensable

Care-free materials without harmful substances contribute to a perfect focus of mother and child on each other and themselves. The outer fabric is made of natural, breathable cotton with a high hygienic standard.

In the first months of life, the nursing pillow can also be used as a boundary to wrao around the baby so that it will feel safe. The mother’s scent is often attached to the familiar pillow.

Children grow quickly, and the precious time a mother can spend alone with her child recedes. But even in the crawling age, our nursing pillows are still available for toddlers, softening the fall after failed attempts to walk and serving as a cuddly friend in sleep.

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