Nursing pillows

Nursing pillows, comfortable and versatile

During pregnancy, most women begin early buying accessories for the baby, from clothing and furniture to useful things for everyday life. In most cases, the question quickly arises, which items are really needed and which one you could do without. Nursing pillows are one of them: some mothers insist on them while others consider them absurd. But in fact, a nursing pillow is very useful and by no means wasted effort. Even mothers who cannot or would not breastfeed will find comfort in a nursing pillow for a long time.

In the first place, the nursing pillow helps mothers embed their baby and their arm while the baby is breast-fed. But even when the baby is fed with the bottle, it ensures that mother and child can assume a comfortable position.

Babies need safety

A tiny baby appreciates a close confinement. It did not have much space in the womb and felt safe in its closeness. Some babies begin to scream when you put them into a cot because that place feels too big and not safe. A nursing pillow is well suited for placing a kind of boundary around the baby. It feels that there is a soft boundary around it and it has again that familiar feeling that it knows from the womb. Therefore, the pillow can also be used in the cot. Even larger children may still enjoy it as a cuddly pillow, or it may lie on the bed near the cold wall so that the child is kept warm.

A nursing pillow can do more

Later, when the baby is no longer fed with the bottle, the nursing pillow is stowed away in the cellar or given away. No need to! Kids sleeping on their side can profit from the long pillow. It supports the body when you place its lower part between the legs, preventing back pain. Usually, the pelvis is distorted when legs are lying on each other. But if you place the pillow between your legs, the upper leg is higher and the distortion of the pelvis is almost straightened out.

This seemingly unnecessary pillow is therefore a practical purchase which can be used for many years. Note that you should make sure to buy a good product. The fabric should be soft and, above all, removable and washable. It is also a good idea if you pay attention to the Oeko-Tex standard. Since the pillow contacts the skin, neither the fabric nor the filling should be treated with allergenic chemicals. It may take some practice to find a comfortable position with that long pillow, but practise is a good idea, both for the mother and the child.

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