Playbook - With friends in the forest

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‘With friends in the Forest’ playbook – Learning as a funny game

The handmade ‘With friends in the forest’ playbook brings joy to the whole family. Touching and tasting come first for babies, and that’s how they may explore this versatile toy. Cotton, wood and felt provide for different feelings. High-quality materials and the option to easily wash the playbook ensure its longevity and required hygiene. Hence, there is nothing in the way of endless playing. Many of the fabric pieces can be moved, changed, taken out and replaced. The child will feel different surface structures and its imagination will run free as it resorts the book in different orders. Enjoy the game together with your baby and create new scenes! Bring the friends in the forest to life and enjoy the laughter of your child!

The playbook promotes imagination and community

Family life can be enriched with the playbook in many ways. Toddlers can playfully discover the world of colours and shapes. Parents and children enjoy common hours with exciting stories which can any time be reinvented by replacing the removable fabric parts. There is, for example, the sweet hedgehog that gathers bright red apples from the tree. It is at work inmidst colourful flowers that can be easily refitted to the other animals as well. Perhaps your child would like to feed the hedgehog with the carrot of the cuddly rabbit or the owl would like to pay a visit to the other animals during its night-time flight. No problem, there is no limit to the imagination of parents and children! If you add a nice photo or a great work of art into the integrated frame, you will be able to create a unique playbook that the little ones will never want to part with.



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