Stable Canopy Pole, 1.5 m

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The protective canopy safeguards your baby’s sleep

You may wonder, ‘Why would you hang a canopy over a baby's cot? Do we really need that?’ The answer is that in the space created by the canopy, babies feel as safe and secure as they had in Mummy’s belly. Moreover, they cannot see very well when they are still very young - the canopy conveys security and closeness. They prevent too much input and ensure that your baby can sleep relaxed. This way you give your baby a quiet place to sleep and beautiful dreams. By the way, when the child sleeps well, so do the parents!

The advantages of a canopy rod

ComfortBaby's sturdy, high-quality canopy rod with stand is persuasive for parents in several respects. We have put together the most important benefits:

Quick-release for easier closing and opening the oval crown

Safety is ensured:

The safe plug-in connection and the stable stand

  • support rod and canopy safely and firmly,
  • protect your child from draughts and glare,
  • provide more security,
  • match all canopies with drawstring
  • and are easy to mount.

With this rod, you can turn your baby’s cot into a truly heavenly sleeping place. A canopy is not just a beautiful accessory but creates a sheltered space for your baby. Here it can feel safe and secure. Attach a canopy of choice to the rod, and your baby will sleep calm and relaxed.

More about the canopy rod at a glance:

  • high quality canopy pole can be assembled easily and safe with help of a steadily clamp
  • fits on any baby bed or cot
  • the approx height is 1,50 m
  • the canopy crown can be taken off easily
  • any canopy with drawstring can be used to exchange the look

Best certified quality

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